bitcoin cash can i transfer my bitcoins

blockchain, as it is programmed to do every six months, but contention ultimately led developers and miners to adopt two different incompatible versions of the software : bitcoin cash ABC bCH ) and. In 2017 it was clear that there are already too many transactions to handle and some reform is required in order to allow Bitcoin to scale further. (just kidding, its creepy!). So, all the people now have twice more? Alternatively, you can use m to find your local Bitcoin Cash related meetups, where you can meet other BCH enthusiasts and trade directly with them in a safe environment. This is common for the coins that forked from the main network, such as BTC-BCH, ETH-ETC, and others. Both of these platforms support Bitcoin Cash.

Right now we already have 3 mining pools that make more than 51 together. Another feature that original Bitcoin doesnt have is the EDA algorithm - which makes the network more stable during high price periods. Using different passwords for different websites and services related to cryptocurrency trading is also a very good idea.

Bitcoin Cash aims to continue this vision of bringing sound money to the world. They are completely separate now and are able to operate independently of each other - I definitely wish the best of luck to both. The last mined block, before the fork, was 478558. What about the school, friends, family? Your coins arent lost (if they werent sent to a Segwit address).