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In the schulte ag bitcoins end, Hufeld sees Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as hype if not a bubble. Following the courts decision in Berlin, a statement was eagerly anticipated Will BaFin adopt a new administrative practice in reaction to the decision? The court ruling could affect not only Bitcoin trading but Germanys entire blockchain industry. It is not a currency nor a means of payment which is accepted by law. Not only are these kinds of case becoming exceedingly rare, but the wording of this ruling was very strong and clear. But Blockchain may be the future of finance.

The number of articles circulating in the media on the special aspects. Bitcoins (BTC) has been growing for some time, some of these taking a more careful and sober look at the subject than this article, BaFin would like to provide the wider public with its assessment of BTC it has already communicated to public authorities, consumers. BaFin license required for commercial, bitcoin transactions such as mining pools. If additional service elements kick into the pure use. Bitcoins, this threshold can be exceeded rapidly.

Therefore, Bitcoin exchanges do not need any permission to operate. Kammergericht on September 25th 2018, reached a notable decision: Bitcoin does does bitcoin gold have replay protection not qualify as Units of Account (. The recent court ruling, however, states that cryptocurrencies do not meet the criteria of a financial instrument as outlined in the German Banking Act (KWG). A future impact on FinTechs, ICOs and trading platforms resulting from the difference of opinion between the court and BaFin remains to be seen. Regulatory status of bitcoin in the USA. Bafin says it wont change its interpretation of the law and keep shutting down unlicensed exchanges. Its fair to say that the regulatory status of cryptocurrencies is still uncertain, and not just in the USA). The answer is: We dont know yet. Bitcoin is merely a means of payment accepted by certain economic participants.

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