lightning eclair bitcoin

version.0 or newer of the operating system can now send Lightning payments, which should notionally cost a fraction of regular Bitcoin network fees and confirm almost instantly. This software is based upon eclair, and follows the Lightning Network standard. The growth in options has been made possible due. It can run with or without a GUI, and a json API is also available. For now, users must open the channel and send the Lightning payment in two separate processes. Name description default value eclair.

I could always come back to the Blockstream Store later. At this point, I wanted to test the waters a bit more and see if I could route a payment through Bitrefill to someone else. See bitcoin murs nf for full reference. It turns out that my channel with Bitrefill had gone offline. Interestingly, they accept both bitcoin and litecoin-denominated Lightning payments. Once I scanned the QR code to connect to Bitrefills Lightning node, I realize I had another decision to make.