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You see this reddit discussion for some suggestions, or you could try the following multi-coin pools: You can find a larger list here (almost certainly contains a lot of defunct pools however) sort by highest Hashrate to find the most popular pools, or for more. And yeah basically, if you want to get started mining Dogecoins, first thing you got to do is download the wallet. The quality of the pools varies, and reliability is a bit of an issue since some pools can go offline for various reasons. The t Doge fund, which happens to be At this point, you should probably also go up to the Settings menu and Encrypt Wallet.

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What is Dogecoin Mining Difficulty? Click on sign. May be worthwhile if you have especially low electricity prices Geek credentials, educational a talking point Cons Manufacturers have a huge incentive to mine using their own hardware first, reducing profitability of asic hardware once it gets shipped to the customer. Like, I have number one and X or XO or whatever. Theres tons you can find online that doesnt really matter. And yeah, so then after that you got to make a worker. 2) New dogecoins are paid out as a reward to miners. And just right click on it, copy the address, go back into your pool and input that address into your payment address. The only other thing you need to know is the host name, which you can find out at this home tab. So this is a very important number. You can always follow the unfolding story of doge at m/r/ dogecoin What is fascinating about Dogecoin at the moment is that it feels like perhaps the start of Bitcoin felt like, except with more fun and less politics.

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