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Peercoin and, namecoin have been gaining traction by offering users separate systems of economic growth and even simulating inflation. Instead of a separate form of currency, Bitcoin has become a sort of volatile gold for would-be investors. At least 50 of whom were already worth over 100 million before they got into Bitcoin (and a few were billionaires). Originally appeared on, quora : the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. Related: Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Other Currencies. Other reasons that the asset seems like a good investment include its growing popularity, network effects, security, immutability and status as the first ever in a growing world of digital currencies. That being said, there is at least one significant argument einmalig viel geld paypal verdienen for limiting bitcoins to a small portion of your portfolio at the most. he goes on to cite a UC San Diego and George Mason University study that found that 60 percent of spent Bitcoins were exchanged through a Bitcoin-supported gambling service, Satoshi Dice. People's Bank of China denounced Bitcoin, plummeting its price on Mount Gox to 700 the next day.

But it does mean that we have to go back to the original question: What is a bitcoin good for?
There are basically two answers to this: Either a bitcoin is money, or it is a payment system.
Bitcoin is a digital currency, which means there are no actual coins or paper money representing.
It was started anonymously in 2009, and exists completely electronically.
The interesting thing about this.

While I wouldn't suggest exchanging your money for Bitcoin, I'd definitely urge any entrepreneur to make the time investment and research cryptocurrencies over the coming months. If you think BTC has a 1 chance of becoming a long-term trusted store of value, you should not invest. Auren Hoffman, SafeGraph CEO, on, quora : There are two questions one should think through. The initial interest in Bitcoin was driven by crypto libertarians willing to invest their money and computer processing power into a decentralized, self-limiting system of currency. It is like gold or a Rembrandt painting.

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