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filmmakers moved to Shenzhen to continue the challenge. Gradually, Bings bitcoin challenge started a small movement, where her supporters would also approach shops to ask whether they accepted bitcoin and relay the information to her. Her food intake for the second day consisted of some fruits on a tree and someone elses leftover burger at a McDonalds. As a result of such large fluctuations in fees, transactions no longer happened as frequently as before.

How many BTC do you have? They have claimed that they have turned them all down. Its a fascinating time for making this attempt. Why don't you give to charity?

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The entrance fee is 2 Chinese Yuan, or around 30 cents in USD, but the park didnt accept bitcoin. The first clues are rather complex to the average joe however never disregard the obvious as a solution and all the complexity could just be noise. On a daily basis, the filming team recorded how many business and pedestrians Bing reached out to and the number of successful bitcoin transactions she made. Most of Bings days are documented on iQiyi. In endless possibilities of combinations of these all. I'm not going to provide numbers but let's say that I'm at a point where I don't care about more money anymore. From the website des/ you can access the proposed challenge.

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