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or bull). Comment if you plan on trying the strategy or comment if you hate the strategy! Covering all these variables is how you develop this, and any other long-term currency trading strategy. The lack of knowledge about how leverage works and the urgency to make money is a dangerous mix that often leads to blown accounts. And why hacking bitcoin 51 so many have a lot of trouble being profitable.

Here You can learn on How to fade the momentum in Forex Trading.
This short-term trading strategy was provided to us by Adam Green, owner.
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Taking more trades doesnt necessarily translate to more profits. Talk to your broker about their spread/commission terms so that you wont be blindsided when you begin tallying your net gains/losses. One of your major considerations for long-term currency trading is ensuring you can easily sustain any common intraday or even intra-week volatility. Look for Candlestick Entry after Fib Level is Tested (touched by Price) As soon as price touches a weekly Fib level, you are now in the waiting for signal mode. Take a step back helps to reduce second-guessing. When trading the big picture, you are looking for technical aspects to support your trade. Big picture trading is more about long-term success and staying in the game. This includes broker spreads, commissions, and taxes. Putting quick and multiple trades a day increases the chance of winning trades. You should conduct thorough analysis on the economies of the two currencies, and be sure to evaluate the potential for unforeseen events.

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