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back with a headline claiming that cryptocurrencies will all collapse because one fund manager thinks. What he fails to acknowledge is that all investments are speculative; when you buy you are speculating that the price will be higher when you sell, whether it be a property, stock, or commodity. As NewsBTCs Joseph Young pointed out, the scene has been reminiscent of the headlines spouted during the 2017 bull run. According to, onChainFX, the flagship cryptocurrency has rallied 40 percent over the past month and 46 percent since the new year. Bitcoin Price Flirts with 5,500, the flagship cryptocurrency held above 5,200 throughout the morning, but it began to climb heading into the afternoon. It looks like the bulls are back in action setting up the stage for the next rally. Home analysis / Streisand Impact?

FUD Storm: Mainstream Media Back Bashing Bitcoin the
Bitcoin Price Spikes Within Inches of 5,500 Despite China FUD
Bitcoin (BTC) Climate By means of FUD
Crypto Community Reacts to China Mining FUD, Will Bitcoin

Join the community today and get up to 400 in discount by using the code: "ccnhacked". After four months of inactivity crypto markets came alive again this week and headed upwards to reach new 2019 highs. The availability of cheap electricity and lower labor costs makes China a hot destination for crypto mining activities. He states high net-worth individuals, family offices, are starting to take a serious interest in Bitcoin. Crypto is no different and Bitcoin, until it is used daily for its intended purpose as decentralized money, will remain speculative. Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Price, Cryptocurrencies, Editor's Choice, Mining, News, Regulation by, bhushan Akolkar on Thursday, April 11th, 2019 1:21pm UTC.

Related Articles, check Also, ripple value appears to be struggling close to the zero.3600 and zero.3700 resistance ranges. According to Peter Mallouk, president of wealth management firm Creative Planning; What were going to see, most likely, is, were going to see cryptocurrencies collapse theres no way that even a fraction of them can survive, before adding that buying crypto you get no income. However, Bitcoin continued its northward journey while crossing the 5400 today. At last check, it traded at 5,408 for a 24-hour gain.37 percent. The FUD did not stop there, even Bloomberg, which has been fairly balanced when it comes to the industry, jumped on the bandwagon of loathing as FUD headlines get traffic. Bitcoin (BTC) Climate By means of FUD, Bulls Agency. Kelly stresses that institutional players are loading their bags at this time. The fact that the ridiculous headlines are emerging again means that theyre paying attention at least and crypto is back in peoples minds. In another exclusive comment to Coinspeaker, Greenspan said: Rumors that China may end up banning crypto mining dont seem to be having any affect on Bitcoin prices today.

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