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there is also one full-sized hdmi.0b port and a DisplayPort.4-capable interface. The smaller cooling plate on the back covers all 12 low-side mosfets and the gate drivers, dissipating excess heat through the back of the card. There is no start-up peak in the graph, which would normally indicate the jump from passive to active mode. As a result, no tricks are necessary to get it up and running. Combining the measured voltages and currents allows us to derive a total power consumption we can easily confirm with our instrumentation by taking readings at the card's power connectors.

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We won't share your email with bitcoin umtausch anybody. The top of the card bears an unlit Gigabyte logo, and the eight-pin auxiliary power connector sits at the top's back edge. A relatively high idle temperature between 118F (48C) and 122F (50C) is attributable to the card's passive mode. This is also where the 6508 low-side mosfets are found. Horizontally-oriented fins direct heated air to the back and front of the card. Weighing just 605g, this card is a featherweight among the other 1070s. The graphs show how load is distributed between each voltage and supply rail, providing a bird's eye view of load variations and peaks. This feature is not available right now.

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